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Olami Innovation Incubator 2016 and 2017

About the Innovation Incubator

The Olami Innovation Incubator puts innovation and creativity into the hands of students and young adults.

Students and young professionals are invited to pitch for $10,000 to pilot a creative jewish learning idea that they believe their peers would love to engage in, plus the opportunity to fly to other Olami destinations around the world.
Applications are currently closed but sign up here if you would like to be informed about other Olami opportunities.


Projects from 2016 and 2017

Each team was invited to present new initiatives that can significantly increase the impact of their local organizations and create positive change in their local Jewish communities. Get some inspiration from these amazing ideas.

The Dinner – Olami Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

The Dinner is a “master chef” competition in which students team up for a 12 week competition for the Best Jewish Dinner. Competitors invite their friends to grade their reception on 3 different criteria : Food-Lecture theme-Decoration. 

After 12 weeks a prize is given to the team with the best grade.

Library Project – Oxigeno Rosario

Rosario, Argentina

A Kosher cafe that will also serve as a library and conference room. The project makes use of building a space where students can hold events, Jewish books can be found, and good Kosher food enjoyed.

A hangout space for young Jews who want to enjoy different cultural events with the option to eat kosher food.

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