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Olami Innovation Incubator 2017

Here’s how it works

Want to win $10,000 to pilot a creative Jewish learning idea that you and your peers would love to engage in, plus the opportunity to fly to other Olami destinations around the world?


Think of a creative idea your peers would love to engage in.

Add 10 sessions of Jewish wisdom delivered by an Olami staff member and a unique structure or format.

Top ideas will be invited to pitch to their peers, live at the Summit.

Become one of the winning teams and win $10,000 to roll out a pilot program of your concept in an Olami location Jan-June 2018.

Receive high level local leadership training.

If your pilot program achieves its stated goals then you will win a further $25,000 for the organization to implement your idea at full force. Plus, every member of the team will be flown to Israel to receive the Olami Award. You will each win one free trip to spend a Shabbat weekend anywhere in the world where there is an Olami center.

Final applications extended to Dec 15th, 2017.

Projects from 2016

Each team was invited to present new initiatives that can significantly increase the impact of their local organizations and create positive change in their local Jewish communities. Get some inspiration from these amazing ideas.

Hamakom – Yavne

Montevideo, Uruguay

A co-working space for Jewish young professionals in Uruguay to use as their office space! A fun and exciting environment aimed at not only giving you an office desk and wifi but also the space for young Jews to meet and get together.  

Classes and workshops both on Jewish values and in professional areas will equip participants with tools to help the be more successful in their jobs.

Lech Lecha – Nefesh Yehudi


Lech Lecha is a fun and educational trip aimed at strengthening University students’ Jewish identity by connecting the students to the history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Mishpat V’Yahadut – Nefesh Yehudi


An educational series in which university students of law study relevant legal sources in both Torah and secular texts in order to then run mock trials and research on how to better bridge between the two in Israel. The project is held weekly and culminates in the publishing of an academic journal to contain articles related to Hebrew law and its application. 

The project aims to strengthen the jewish identity among leading students, whom are predicted to be in key positions in the government and other legal offices in the future.

Torah World Wide – Nefesh Yehudi


An initiative to unify Jewish students around the world by giving a portion of the Torah to groups of students to study and analyze. The idea is that 5000 students will be learning different portions of the Torah and that together they will complete the entire Torah in a 40 day time period. At the end, each group will put together a short summary on what that portion said and how it is applicable to our lives today. 

At the end of the project, all the summaries will be compiled into a book to be sold online. It is students, hearing the opinion and thoughts of other students. A peer to peer book on explanations of the Torah.

Handicop – RELEV

Paris, France

An initiative that builds relationships using the most powerful medium available: Giving. Handicop arranges opportunities for the young in the community to help disabled Jews in need of assistance. 

Volunteers meet regularly to discuss the amazing benefits of giving and its role in Torah and Judaism.

Ambassadors – RELEV

Paris, France

Winners of $20k at the Olami Summit in Brazil, Ambassadors RELEV is a leadership incubator program. Leaders are selected and trained around the concept of social responsibility and Jewish values. 

Throughout their training they receive the tools and guidance to come up with a project that they are to develop and apply in their own communities.