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Olami Innovation Incubator 2016 and 2017

About the Innovation Incubator

The Olami Innovation Incubator puts innovation and creativity into the hands of students and young adults.

Students and young professionals are invited to pitch for $10,000 to pilot a creative jewish learning idea that they believe their peers would love to engage in, plus the opportunity to fly to other Olami destinations around the world.
Applications are currently closed but sign up here if you would like to be informed about other Olami opportunities.


Projects from 2016 and 2017

Each team was invited to present new initiatives that can significantly increase the impact of their local organizations and create positive change in their local Jewish communities. Get some inspiration from these amazing ideas.

The Place To Be – Reguesh

Strasbourg, France

Designed by students, The Place To Be is a modern venue with a fun vibe for Jewish students to meet, hang out, or organize parties and events. 

If you are hip, young, and Jewish The Place To Be is truly the place to be.

Mitzva app – Yehudi

Florida, United States

The app connects Jewish people around the world, starting from their communities. It shows them Jewish activities, restaurants, centers and events in their area based on a GPS system.

Let’s call it the Waze for Jewish living.

Kadmoni – The Chevra

Philadelphia, United States

Kadmoni is a thriving community in which young professionals are open to explore mindfulness and discuss divine concepts around the spiritual and metaphysical beauty of the Jewish faith by linking items such as meditation, divine consciousness and yoga, back to their Jewish roots. 

Programs include guided meditations, lessons and seminars regarding the deeper teachings of the Torah.

Positive Speech Initiative – Jewish Education Team (JET)

Chicago, United States

This initiative is aimed at creating a culture of fun and educational programs encouraging more positivity for Jewish students and young professionals in Illinois. 

Under the premise that positivity is the key to happiness and success.

Mentsch – ACILBA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Inspired and developed by young professionals of the community, once a month, young professionals gather to listen to an important business man’s tale as well as to learn what the Torah has to say about the proper way to conduct business. 

The aim is to allow the young to grow in their field by inviting known professionals in their area of interest to come and share their own insights.

LVJE- Jobs Connect – Jewish Experience Las Vegas

Los Angeles, California

Jobs Connect is a project aimed at building a network of Jewish employers and prospective employees. 

The goal? To give students the tools in order to better face the job market as well as to help them find jobs that would not conflict with Shabbat.