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Olami Innovation Incubator 2016 and 2017

About the Innovation Incubator

The Olami Innovation Incubator puts innovation and creativity into the hands of students and young adults.

Students and young professionals are invited to pitch for $10,000 to pilot a creative jewish learning idea that they believe their peers would love to engage in, plus the opportunity to fly to other Olami destinations around the world.
Applications are currently closed but sign up here if you would like to be informed about other Olami opportunities.


Projects from 2016 and 2017

Each team was invited to present new initiatives that can significantly increase the impact of their local organizations and create positive change in their local Jewish communities. Get some inspiration from these amazing ideas.

Jewish Experience Center – Nefesh Yehudi


The Jewish Experience Center “ Hachava shel Adam”  recreates the one-week retreat that these young professionals put together in India, now in Israel. The center is a place where Jews come together to explore spirituality and mindfulness through Judaism while bridging the gap between observant and non-observant Jews.

This was the winning project

J-TV – Aish UK

London, United Kingdom

J-TV is a Global Jewish Channel, it provides high quality entertaining and educational Jewish video content. The aim is to promote positive Jewish identity to young Jewish people – showcasing the relevance and beauty of their Jewish heritage. To date, J-TV has generated over 3 million views on Facebook from 14,000 followers and over 800,000 views on youtube! Following the Olami Summit in Brazil, J-TV began to host seminars  for college students. Some to learn from professionals how to advocate for Israel on camera and under intense pressure; others to “Grill the Rabbi” with religious and existential questions. 

Check out the recent debate featuring key Jewish leaders and hosted at JFS School in London.

The Good Shabbos Project

Makom, Brazil

Winners of $20k at the Olami Summit in Brazil, The Good Shabbos Project organizes communal Shabbat meals for college students and young professionals in Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv, ensuring that all students and YPs have a place to connect with other Jews in a Shabbat setting.

So far, they have hosted 8 shabbat meals with an average of 30 attendants per meal.

Jew BNB  Aish LA

Los Angeles, California

Winners of $20k at the Olami Summit in Brazil, Jew BNB is a fun, different, Shabbat experience. Students run “pop-up Shabbats” with a high energy spontaneous atmosphere for Jews with no or minimal previous exposure to Judaism.

To date, they have hosted two events, that have been attended by around 70 people each. Their next event is going to be in a campsite!

FOCUS – The Chevra

Philadelphia, United States

FOCUS is an Israel Advocacy training program for Jewish Young Professionals in Philadelphia. They provide a 2 month session composed of weekly classes that involve Israeli history, topical speakers, and professional development workshops. The aim is to give our participants the confidence and knowledge to be Israel “ambassadors” in the community, and make Israel a part of their daily conversation in a positive way.

On-U Sucath David

Buenos Aires, Argentina

On-U is a program aimed at giving inspired individuals the tools they need in order to develop into Jewish leaders by way of serving as delegates of Judaism to towns surrounding Buenos Aires. These neighboring towns, usually lack the organization and necessary structure in order to upkeep the local Jewish life.  After an initial training, the “delegates” assume responsibility for visiting these communities with the goal of helping local Jewish students (and their families) connect with their roots via exciting programming that includes: classes and workshops, Shabbatons, educational trips,  seminars and social events. All programming is accompanied and coached by spiritual leaders for proper guidance. 

The delegates number 40 students thus far, they meet twice a week and have already carried out a few trips!

Shabat Guest – Sucath David

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shabat Guest is a service designed for organizing Shabbat meals in the community by taking the user’s profile and preferences as reference to match them with hosts in order for both of them to have the best possible experience. Users need to fill out a simple online form and Shabbat Guest does the rest. The aim is to promote the Shabbat experience in a modern and serious way. 

By working together with the users and with the support of the whole community, Shabbat Guest caters to the very diverse community of Argentina with the hope that one day the guests become hosts.