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Jew BNB – Aish LA

Jew BNB  Aish LA

Los Angeles, California

Winners of $20k at the Olami Summit in Brazil, Jew BNB is a fun, different, Shabbat experience. Students run “pop-up Shabbats” with a high energy spontaneous atmosphere for Jews with no or minimal previous exposure to Judaism.

To date, they have hosted two events, that have been attended by around 70 people each. Their next event is going to be in a campsite!
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The Good Shabbos Project

The Good Shabbos Project

Makom, Brazil

Winners of $20k at the Olami Summit in Brazil, The Good Shabbos Project organizes communal Shabbat meals for college students and young professionals in Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv, ensuring that all students and YPs have a place to connect with other Jews in a Shabbat setting.

So far, they have hosted 8 shabbat meals with an average of 30 attendants per meal.
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J-TV – Aish UK

J-TV – Aish UK

London, United Kingdom

J-TV is a Global Jewish Channel, it provides high quality entertaining and educational Jewish video content. The aim is to promote positive Jewish identity to young Jewish people – showcasing the relevance and beauty of their Jewish heritage. To date, J-TV has generated over 3 million views on Facebook from 14,000 followers and over 800,000 views on youtube! Following the Olami Summit in Brazil, J-TV began to host seminars  for college students. Some to learn from professionals how to advocate for Israel on camera and under intense pressure; others to “Grill the Rabbi” with religious and existential questions. 

Check out the recent debate featuring key Jewish leaders and hosted at JFS School in London.
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